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Managing complex software projects and large teams
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Stay in control of your software processes and implementation by all-integrated project management tasks. Manage sprints and milestones, requirement traceability, bugs, issues and test cases. New users are assigned the Herogami Free Plan which requires no credit card nor billing information whatsoever. You'll be registering in a minute as the admin of your company and start adding users from within the app in no time. Super easy, super efficient and super secure.

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The Herogami team is 100% committed to its constant development and improvement. We spend hours analyzing log files and talking to industry opinion leaders and bloggers to make sure Herogami captures the most contemporary Agile practices. Get on board now by grabbing a free ticket to a constantly expanding platform, Herogami is helping companies get their projects completed on time, lower stress levels and enjoy the ride while delivering great software.

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