The best tool for Agile and Scrum practitioners

Herogami aims to cover all Agile and lean topics so that development teams can effectively plan, collaborate and release software. This is our mission, we strive to do our best when we release new features in Herogami.

On tuesday 5th March our dev team has released a new version of Herogami on our cloud servers. It meets the highest standard of the Agile semantics, yet it still feels naive and playful. Herogami is possibly the best tool to help team share knowledge and a collective experience which will help Agile practitioners in their duties.

We strive to offer cross-functional topics to support cross-functional teams and new ideas and concepts together to supporto multiple business and functional domains. Enter the new Stories and a dedicated view to illustrate task progress. It's called Kanban Expended and it is interactive, you can move stories around by draggin'n'dropping them around the fully customizable kanban board.

You can check task progress with a single click of your mouse and even update the story's tasks status in a breeze, directly on the card, without entering the actual story. We feel agility means speed of execution and are designing Herogami around this concept.

Innovation has just started, on your browser and your tablet, and there's many more rabbits waiting to be pulled out from our hat.

Simone Eckehard, Business developer

05 Mar 2016