Oh boy, the Herogami update is just behind the corner!

A few hours left before Herogami gets the planned update we've been worked on for months. Tweets and alerts have been posted so that you, customers, partners and friends, get all your stuff in order before we actually pull the trigger of the many update scripts. Ok there's going to be a few minutes of downtime and speaking of update scripts, actually we're talking lots and lots of scripts here, since the Herogami infrastructure is nothing short of a candyland of servers and contemporary cloud services!

For your convenience here's a a quick recap on what's coming. Nothing new if you've followed the blog and announcements posted inside Herogami but we thought it'd be cool to make sure you are aligned.

New public website, reflecting our commitment to the software development community and the joy of writing software. It's gonna celebrate an act of creation and having fun doing it with others through Agile collaboration.

New layout of the Herogami application that clears out the workspace and truly introduces a new design principle: defer to content. Which translates into focusing on the essential and hide the frills.

Revised project dashboard and a dedicated dashboard to the current sprint which includes the burndown and more charts. All dashboards in fact include numerous graphic elements for immediate understanding of the progress of your projects.

New calendar widget in the project dashboard. The new widget highlights the beginning and end of stories and issues, as well as the start and end of sprints and other scheduled events.

Bug fixes and general system performance enhancements. Releasing software is an opportunity to improve it. We did not miss on that.

We simplified the application by removing the Tasks Section to better adhere to Agile practices. If you're used to Tasks please note that the section will still be available although hidden, contact customer service to get the link to the section and migrate Task in Stories or Issues, accordingly.

See you soon on the new, updated Herogami. Pssss: every version of Herogami has a codename which is either funny, clever or both and will be revealed in the next post, with the new Herogami up and running  :-)

Grumpy Herogami, Architect

16 Jun 2017