Free trial duration change coming soon

In July 2017 the free trial duration period for Herogami will change from three months to 30 days.

We are making this change because our data shows that a 90 days trial period is unnecessarily long. Most users either subscribe on day 1 of the trial or they subscribe a few days after the trial period has ended when they are prompted to subscribe when attempting to log in.

If you feel need more than 30 days to try out Herogami, or if you have any other questions regarding the trial period or all available upgrade options, please do not hesitate to write to our customer service team at and request an extension of your trial period.

We're happy to recap all relevant details on how Herogami subscriptions work.

You initially subscribe to Herogami with a free plan, so that it's easy for you to try our the app and check if it fits your team and workflow. The free plan provides a basic number of users and projects, it is a trial plan Herogami provides with no obligations whatsoever.
Once you're ready to jump in and bang hard on your projects, just upgrade from within the app, there's upgrade buttons more or less... everywhere :-)

Paid subscription plans are designed around two concepts: the size of your team and the number of projects you manage. Remember that advertised prices do apply to entire teams and not single team members.

When you spend say 99 Euros on a plan that covers you up to 100 users, you're basically spending less then 1 (one!) Euro per team member per month.

We are able to provide these highly convenient pricing scheme thanks to a massively scalable and elastic infrastructure running on very efficient code that optimizes both CPUs usage as well as data storage.

Thanks to its ease of use and perfect balance in terms of smart features and sheer power, during the new 30-days trial your team will soon gain the right confidence to move a consistent part of their workflow on Herogami. Enjoy!

Grumpy Herogami, Architect

22 Jul 2017