Picking agile tactics that work for your team

Agile tactics are the tools that deliver specifications (at first) and a working product (in the end) in your projects. These are the techniques that help you collect and share information and push projects forward at every sprint. New product features are best delivered incrementally so we can learn from the feedback we collect from them as well.

There are a myriad of agile tactics. To list a few:

Daily scrums meetings

Test Driven Development

Continuous Integration

User Stories

Sprint Retrospectives

Backlog Refinement

Story Maps

Pair Programming

These are just some of the examples of the many agile tactics out there. Agile workflows are written in books for you to apply your best contribution that fit your team's personalities.

 And to make it more fun, these tactics evolve over time so:

1. Use the ones that work best in our situation

2. Try new ones to solve specific problems

3. Inspect and adapt.

The tactics are the least important aspect of agile. Lots of teams start with the tactics, without looking to where they spring from – the agile values, principles, and frameworks. That’s ok, sometimes practicing the tactics teaches us the value of the frameworks, which starts to teach us more about the values.

Now ask yourself: are you stuck in pure tactics without getting the real heart of agile? If so, go back to the core of Agile:

Customers, Teams, Collaboration, and Fast Feedback.

Look to improve the heart, and the mind and tactics will often follow A comprehensive platform like Herogami.com may help in the process, ya' never know.

Grumpy Herogami, Architect

12 Sep 2016