Herogami sponsors Agile Business Day Conf 2017

Herogami is silver sponsor of the Agile Business Day conference to be held in Venice, Italy, on 16th September 2017.

The event is a boost and a must for any Agile practitioner in the country. More than 400 participants and 50 nationwide-level speakers will get together in one of the most beautiful event venues in the world, the University of Ca' Foscari in the heart of Venice, to explore benefits of Agile methodologies in business-related contexts.

For the second year in a row, we are crazily excited to announce that Herogami is sponsoring the initiative. The Agile ecosystem in Italy is facing a momentum of significant growth, organizations and businesses at all levels are progressively realizing the benefits of contemporary lean methodologies and continuous improvement processes.

Herogami offers unique opportunities to teams and companies that start experiencing the most commonly Agile tactics for visually communicating content and progress in Agile projects. Herogami does not require complex setup, it is easy to use and provide a complete set of tracking, collaboration and sharing features.

Agile Business Day 2017 explores the business benefits and challenges posed in adopting Agile methodologies in businesses and companies, in non-profit organizations and in the public-sector. The focus of the conference revolves around the theme of innovative organizations and how to engage the best people in the organization to increase the rate of innovation and ensure both quality and economic sustainability.

Agile Business Day is a unique opportunity to share ideas and best practices and is not reserved to limited to industry experts or Agile professionals: Agile newcomers are definitely most welcome too!

Checkout the event website at http://www.agilebusinessday.com

Simone Eckehard, Business developer

15 Sep 2017