Herogami sponsors the ABD On Tour Kanban Workshop in H-FARM

ABD On Tour is the new nationwide Italian initiative delivering workshops led by proven Agile professionals to companies and organizations looking to adopt an Agile twist.

Industry-leading coaches and speakers share their knowledge of the Agile domain at all levels, from project management practices to lean collaboration and coherent teamwork habits, all designed to make teams and organizations achieve results by improving transparency, lower stress and deliver verifiable output.

ABD On Tour sessions target professionals wanting to improve their knowledge and expertise of Agile and are hosted at the premises of major Italian companies and brands such as Lotto, Pagani (yes, the Zonda car maker!) and more.

Herogami was main sponsor of the January workshop focusing on Kanban, hosted at the H-FARM headquarters in Treviso, one of the leading Italian startup accelerators.

The event took place on a cozy Saturday morning in the beautiful contemporary buildings of H-CAMPUS, a H-FARM company bridging opportunities that modern digital technologies provide to students of all ages.

H-CAMPUS and H-International School programs are designed to promote an educational path where knowledge is gained through a hands-on approach, through direct contact wth the most advanced technology and through an innovative teaching methodology that aims to cultivate knowledgeable, sensitive, attentive, curious and well prepared students of all ages.

The workshop led by Gaetano Mazzanti from Agile42, the international company specializing in Agile mentoring. Gaetano, a proven Agile coach interfacing all levels in complex international organizations, delivered a great 360-degrees overview of the best Kanban practices. In a relaxed atmosphere and supported by an attentive audience, Gaetano shared the effectiveness of the pull Vs push teamwork approach, cards layouts tactics, story planning strategies, priority management threats as well as non-conventional KPI and charts to measure project progress and team efficiency.

All participants received a 12 months coupon to try out Herogami digital Kanban boards and granting access to all major features, such as:

- Projects portfolio management
- Project Kanban boards with multiple views
- Customizable workflows for stories and issues
- WIP limits at each step of the process
- Full team activity tracking in the Project Timeline
- Shared Wiki for recording meetings, retrospectives and more
- Project Calendar linked to dates in Kanban cards
- Automatic emails and smart comments notifications

A week or so from the event, we are already seeing the adoption of Herogami among participants: newly registered teams got up to speed in a snap and are now appreciating the ease of use of Herogami and its balanced ergonomics allowing teams to tailor Agile practices on their own methods. Herogami supports the process without forcing a specific process or mindset, providing the just-about-right foundation for teams to deliver successful projects.

Of course we’d love to see these new teams leverage the full potential of Herogami. Here’s a glimpse of our PRO and PREMIUM plans.

- Backlog creation via e-mails from stakeholders and guests, product owners should not spend their day typing on their laptops keyboards, there’s a world of interviews and meetings to attend!

- Linking stories and issues to your source code repositories and review committed files and comments from within Herogami.

- RESTful APIs to integrate external systems such as third-party ticketing systems, timesheet databases, reporting tools and more.

- Full download of the team activity log from a given sprint for retrospectives and other review sessions, have you ever wondered the average time your cards spend sitting in the leftmost column on your Kanban board before being put to work?

And, last but not least, extended cloud storage, first class support, customization of PrivateCloud instances, on-premises installations, training programs and more.

Acting as main sponsor, a tiny bunch from the Herogami Crew attended the event and, to say it out loud, it was just great! We definitely spend far too much time in our cloud made of servers and compilers: what a refreshing break getting our feet on the ground (actually on the shiny green soft lawn of H-CAMPUS!) for a day. Also, sharing interest and curiosity for all-Agile topics with Gaetano and all participants has been an extremely rewarding opportunity.

We wish the ABD On Tour initiative, Gaetano Mazzanti and Agile42 as well as H-CAMPUS the success they deserve, they are fast-lane players in the creation of a new global project management culture. A more human-centered project management culture Herogami and our thirteen-thousand registered customers from more than twenty countries are part of, already.

Simone Eckehard, Business developer

01 Feb 2018