Herogami update got pushed to the cloud

On Saturday, June 17, 2017 the new Herogami got pushed to cloud servers This update is not a simple facelift but rather a deep refinement of the application and service to get even closer to the initial design and intent of Herogami. 

Herogami is a project management platform dedicated to software developers. Its philosophy has always been to provide the set of features that make sense in the everyday life of a software development team and to support developers first, the actual folks that implement the d***n thing and not necessarily the managerial bean-counting side of the process. This translates into features that make sense to those who do the job and into tools that never get in the way with far-too-intricate configurations and fixed workflows.

A quick recap of what you'll will find in this release.

The Herogami application gets a complete redesign to increase the visibility of the essential UI elements and increase overall clarity. Less fuss and less frills. More emphasis on the important elements of the user interface like its menus and its commands. Defer to content is the guiding principle and content therefore gets all the space it deserves.

The new burndown chart in the project dashboard reports the trend of the current sprint. Both for stories and issues. We have worked to ensure quick access to the definition of sprint duration, which you can edit directly from the burndown chart.

New dashboard for the current sprint and your backlog. The dashboard highlight and summarize the trend of activities in the current sprint and the composition of the backlog, with particular regards to project priorities. Both dashboards include numerous graphic elements for immediate understanding of the progress of your projects.

New calendar widget in the project dashboard. The new widget highlights the beginning and end of stories and issues, as well as the start and end of sprints and other scheduled events.

Numerous bug fixes and general system performance enhancements. Each release is a very important opportunity to improve the quality of the software and even on this occasion we have not missed the option of making improvements.

The Tasks section is removed. Most of our users requested that Herogami adheres to Agile practices where stories and issues capture planned activities in projects, making other entities such as tasks or to-do's basically irrelevant. Hence the removal. Please contact customer service to get the link to the section and migrate Task in Stories or Issues, accordingly.

We look forward to know what our users think of the new update. Do you like what you see? Please let un know your thoughts by dropping a line at support@venticentostudio.it.

Matt Nowson, Sysadmin

17 Jun 2017