Agile Project Management meets End-User Support

We're boosting the engines of our happy development team to fix a major pain in software projects. You sweat your butt off to release the damn thing and, guess what, it's not over: end-users are actually starting to use your software! How amazing! :-)

And with heavy usage bugs start to pop out, support requests start to pop out, e-mails from customers start to pop-up, crazy dunno-how-to start to pop up, Facebook comments and Twitter complaints start to pop-up.


And it's a mess, because even if you have a support team these guys are totally disconnected from your development team and, let's be brutally honest, even if you have a support team for your projects there was simply no time to train them on the software and get them acquainted with all the tricks your development team came out with: it take ages to get those guys on board. Without even counting that software gets modified and extended at a speed your support team can only hope to stand.

Meet Herogami Check-In, bringing together your end-users, your support folks and your development gurus all in one room so they can communicate in a breeze and solve issues in a snap.

Herogami Check-In acts as customer support portal that extends the scope of Herogami to full-scale project support by providing a dedicated space for your end-users to communicate issues and requests, for your support staff or developers to review them and respond accordingly. Think e-mail support that becomes truly actionable. And Facebook. And Twitter. All with the ease of use and relaxed feeling you've come to appreciate while managing your agile projects on good old Herogami.

Gather tasks from Herogami Check-In and route them to specific projects, route them to developers across all your Herogami projects, communicate with your users via e-mail and social networks, create tasks, issues and stories from end-users requests. Consume feeds from Facebook and Twitter and respond to your customers on their walls, feeds and timelines.

Get all your team mates involved, informed and engaged on what end-users want and how they feel about your project or product: Herogami Portal makes end-user contributions available to all your teams through the projects they work on everyday.

Herogami Check-In, the end-user portal ready with just a mouse click, coming soon on and Herogami PrivateCloud.

Grumpy Herogami, Architect

08 Aug 2018