Onboarding? Hey folks, just kick me the ball!

Product tours get in the way! Everyone is just too freakin’ tired of hunting popups that open all over the place on their screens.

Webinars are a pain! We’re all too busy to waste time looking at some weird, unknown geek treating its audience like kids.

And then there’s on-line manuals. What? U think I am going to sit down in front of my computer screen to read your lengthy user manual? No way!

So, the real question is: how do you communicate a software product when there is not a chance you can stand close to your so-called end-user which, just like in our case, is possibly a few thousands miles from our desk?

Answering such a question is not an easy task for any player in the software business, and this is especially true for SAAS providers, like the folks having fun here by the way.  The happy bunch behing Herogami did not come up with an answer. No we did not. Actually, in a certain way, we literally skipped the question! Herogami has chosen a totally different and unexpected alternative which, inadvertently, ended up as best answer possible to the original question: provide no instructions, ‘coz no one, no one is gonna read them, and just throw your end-user into action.

Let them play, let them explore. Make sure to remove any single friction your end users may hit of feel. In a word make it fun. And transparent. And simple. Make it playful. And facilitate discovery. Expose the basics at first. Make people feel at home. Invest time on consistency and readability. Then provide a few, discreet hints to your tricky features. Sink complexity into to the easy bits. Facilitate tentatives. Let people get it wrong first because they will get it right at their second try.

That’s what Herogami does when you sign up for a new, free account: Herogami lets you play!

The Herogami signup experience (ok, call it onboarding if you wish, that's the word for it actually) aims at providing our new users an environment to play with from the very first second they login onto their newly created accounts. Every time you signup for a new account, Herogami creates a fresh playground project called Explore Herogami and kicks you right in! Explore Herogami lets you play around without forcing you to enter any data, saving you the hassle and negative experience of, well, leaning by mistakes. Our onboarding journey boosts your sniffy brain cells and shows you in a snap what you can achieve: Herogami shows you how simple and intelligible your projects can become. When software is done right, you very much realize pretty soon that you don’t need to waste time on product tours or user manuals to effectively use it.

Give your team a break from the stress of missing dates, find yourself at home in no time with Herogami and stop worrying who's doing what.

And, just In case, don’t be afraid to drop us an e-mail and book a quick webinar. It’s gonna be 20 minutes of fun, guaranteed.

Grumpy Herogami, Architect

02 Jul 2019