This is a heck of a long journey and I'm still having fun!

Herogami started kinda 8 years ago and it has not been a blasting success, a blitzscaling case, a freaking unicorn. Not at all. Not for the faintest clue.

It's been a giganormous amount of work carried on usually at late hours, even on vacation, not to mention the unusual places like train seats while reaching a client or, well, a bathroom!

The thing is that building SaaS is basically a low-reward operation until you scale it. And scaling, oh boy, it's not easy at all. Low prices require critical mass which in turns requires going heavy on marketing, which in turns requires a lot of cash to burn.

searching for life

Herogami did not take that path. We did and do not have access to huge capital, this is the work of a small team which has done its best to create a piece of software that helps people out in the real world. It helps keeping projects straight, to our best attempt and most of the time this stuff works. And we're still on the job, improving things slightly and getting obsessed with an interface that needs no manuals and backend code that holds up through the years.

So what's the point? Why are we keeping up with the pace since all these years if fruits are not poppin' up on the horizon yet?

Because we bloody use this thing to manage our consulting operations and it's so damn cool to say that you're doing project management for quotes companies on stuff you wrote.

Fuck, yeah, let's do it!

Grumpy Herogami, Architect

08 May 2021