Placing cards in places you meant to place ‘em

Sorting cards: it’s what Herogami does better than most Agile project management software out there ‘coz we designed its sorting architecture from the very beginning. We sort cards from Herogami deep data-driven architecture and we sort fast, hundreds of cards at the blink of an eye.

But sometimes you don’t want to sort things according to the value of a field or some weird functional criteria or attribute: you want to sort things by hand.

Sorting by hand means you manually position a card in a given location, which aquires value in respect of its siblings. You don’t sort a card, you place a card. Somewhere. Somewhere close to other cards, in a visual configuration that makes no sense of attributes or fields, it makes sense of you. Of your priorities, of your intents.

The Herogami development crew is currently actively working on manual placements of cards across all boards supported. This includes the Lighbox (all cards, no columns), the kanban (a columnized container of cards), the table, the list, the task planner.

Sorting cards by hand is an algorithmic endeavour that needs to accomodate the unpositional nature of records in a database with a visual abstraction that takes care of “idle” states and “searching” states. That needs to accomodate different filtering applied by users. And the many, many view that are the bread and butter of our beloved users.

Getting there. Slowly but steadily getting there and soon to be released: manual sort.

Grumpy Herogami, Architect

14 May 2021