Uh-oh! Some good stuff just got released: hello Turboedit!

We usually release new features on Herogami in 6 week cycles. It all starts with some thick marker drawings modelling new features picked from our backlog. The drawings get translated into a first version of some nasty, dirty and smelly code. Sometimes we throw everything away, sometimes we see that it works, that it is useful, that it helps. And that code is sifted through, cleaned, skimmed, integrated, simplified. Very often, it is reduced by half: no one likes code, especially if there is too much of it. Less code, better code. And, eventually, we drop it onto a battery of servers scattered across the cloud.

But let's skip all premises and get straight to the point.

Herogami just got a significant update: it's called Herogami Turboedit and it makes creating and editing data more lively. Here’s what’s all about.

1) A new side panel for viewing or editing records in context

When viewing or editing a card, task, project or component, the new side panel opens from the right to keep you on the current view. No more page jumps. Herogami philosophy is to build a "sense of place" and keep people in the current context. Turboedit was released on this basis. And, to keep you going, Herogami is now speedier than before: we have optimzed overall performace and responsiveness of all editing operations squeezing out some tangible improvements. Turboedit is twice as fast.

2) Drag cards to the position you meant

The action of dragging cards in kanban boards got a massive improvement: manual positioning. Basically you drag a card, drop it at a given porition and, yep, it will sit there. Seems easy, it’s not. Given the flexibility of the underlying kanban data model we can guarantee that this is a major achievement and got us into crazy algorithms. For positioning cards in kanbans, before manual positioning, Herogami relied on the SORT menu. And since many users truly liked the option of just sorting all out with a click of a menu, this sorting option is still there. Turboedit, therefore, introduces the optimal solution: drag the cards to the position you prefer or simply click the SORT menu for instant sorting according to your preferred criterion. The manual positioning of the cards allows you to define sequences or simply to establish the visual order of the cards best for the project and to communicate their status. The sort menu does a quick and easy job.  Having both options is, we like to think, the cherry on top.

3) Organize your projects portfolio with drag’and’drop

Turboedit brings improved project portfolio management: in PROJECTS you can place the project cards in the order you prefer by simply dragging them around. Drag a project card with the mouse to the position you prefer and release it to find it in the same position the next time you look at your projects. The decided position is yours alone, Herogami will remember it as your personal preference.

4) New project card with activity diagram

We have introduced a new project card, it is called ACTIVITY and reports the activity, like a graph, that the project has seen in the current sprint. It is a useful tool to immediately understand which are the most active projects and, if anything, to intervene in those that are a little slower.

5) New hamburger menus in project cards and tasks

The project cards also feature a new hamburger menu (yep, it has three layers, like a hamburger: bread, burger, bread) to quickly access the project dashboard, its tasks, the calendar, the sprints. Or simply to modify it. Of course with the new side panel.

6) Improved management of the Lightbox view in TASKS

Lightbox simulates a light table where you freely arrange your cards like in the old days of slide film. It’s great when you need a visual overview of all your cards without the distraction of visual elements like kanban columns or table fields. For instance when cherry-picking tasks in a backlog grooming session. We've improved Lightbox overall to make it faster and more responsive, especially when used with the GROUP menu. You’ll find some drag’n’drop galore also in Lightbox, go check it out.

We invite you to take a few minutes to explore Herogami Turboedit. Please let us know if you like it or if there is anything you would consider like space for improvement. We plan to refine some initial rough-edges in the coming weeks and your input will be most appreciated.

Grumpy Herogami, Architect

26 Jun 2021