Herogami that shit!

How many times have you heard the term "informal project management" or "informal project manager"?

If you are like me, a project manager by trade among other roles and hats, then chances are that you have heard it quite often. Informal projects are projects carried out by non-formal project managers or in combination with active stakeholders that may not be PM-literate.

Why is it that we view and call some projects formal and others informal? Is this because a project is only formal if it is an IT project or a project of the PMO? Does this mean that all other projects carried out by folks throughout the company or organization are something less of a project? Regrettably, to many people within the "formal" project management community the answer is yes and they have a blind eye to and are oblivious of such "informal" projects.

Truth is, projects are always born informal.

You meet the new customer, either internal or from some parallel universe. You start a conversation, the agenda states that you'll get dropped a problem the guy has, and that it will fall right on your lap. More often the not, the conversation is unstructured, the agenda is articulated, the problem complex.

Yet, how can you dare to approach this situation in a formal fashion when the chap in front of you is talking his/her own giddy-giddy lingo you can barely understand?

Welcome to the world of informal requirements capturing. A mess that gets thrown onto the meeting table, the video conference, whatever. No documents. You expect some, but Mr Customer has none. Zero! No freakin' documents. It's all in their heads and its incredibly unstructured.


In this case you want to start capturing tasks from day one:

1. Log into Herogami

2. Create new project named What a mess!

3, Start dropping cards into backlog at every meeting, they don't need to make sense.

4, Tag them with a configured scope "mess" or whatever.

Herogami quick insert forms in the TASKS page makes it a pleasingly fast process. And the WIKI helps too: record every meeting into the Herogami Wiki to keep information handy.

Then, when the storm is gone, get yourself together and groom your backlog. Groom that shit.

Herogami that shit!

Grumpy Herogami, Architect

02 Jun 2021