A unique balance between ease of use and sheer power helps development teams cut the noise and focus on delivering great software

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All the tools to empower your Agile software development team.

Thousands of teams trust Herogami to plan and track complex tasks by improving collaboration

Obtain and maintain real-time visibility of your team's activities and projects.

Create a customized workflow for your team and manage stories and issues through a clear and interactive kanban board.

Track project and sprint status with graphic dashboards and manage your backlog with ease.

Accumulate and share project knowledge by uploading and sharing documents and using the wiki that you will find immediately available in each project.

  • Plan sprints from backlog
  • Track stories and issues
  • Share documents, images, and more
  • Customize your workflow
  • Control workload with WIP Limits
  • Accumulate knowledge in Wikis
  • Define team roles and visibility
  • Set-out priorities and responsibilities

Simplify your backlog and sprints management

Accumulate requirements in your backlog and work them out in iterative, discrete sprints

Accumulate project requirements in the backlog and sprint assignments by using efficient forms for speedy input.

Gather project content with extended descriptions, linked documents, images, diagrams, and other annotations.

Clearly state the owner of each activity and its its functional reference.

Evaluate effort estimates in story point, hour-man or other notations, and use priority markers or colored cards to share priorities and support planning.

Capture and track requirements with user stories

Every Agile project tells a story. Or many. Thousands sometime.

Quickly capture user stories with Herogami unique quick forms and then use extended forms to expand their specifications and details. Quick forms ensure that hundreds of stories are entered in a few hours, even from your tablet, and made available to everyone.

Stories can be enriched with in-depth descriptions, pictures, attachments and comments to make sure your development team has all the information required to implement them as expected.

A special section in each story reports the test cases needed for validation. Estimates are facilitated by story points, pomodoros and other estimation techniques. When stories are particularly complex, it becomes practical to subdivide them into sub-tasks.

The workflow of each project can be customized to the slightest deta and of course you can control the workload along your workflow by applying WIP Limits at every phase in order to avoid over-allocating the sprint.

Effective bug tracking and issues management

Capturing and managing issues never becomes an issue itself

Issues are the unwanted byproduct of any software development process, Herogami grants you the tools and flexibility to track them effectively.

Analyze issues with engaging visual metaphors such as interactive kanban boards as well as traditional list-based views.

Recording issues in Herogami is fast thanks to the quick input form or can get super-detailed with its extended forms.

Each issue can be documented with attachments such as screenshots or other documents. Priority marks, color tags and assignee are always visible.

Elevate your viewpoint on your project with views galore

A large selection of interactive views designed to scale your perspective on project data

Herogami provides a wide choice of data views to let you scale your perspective on tasks and activities depending on the amount of information you are managing.

Kanban boards provide an immediate overview of the work status and are very effective in tracking activities within a sprint because the number of cards is generally limited.

The swimlanes option in Kanbans highlights tasks at work based on different attributes such as assignees, colors, system components and more. Grooming your backlog is a breeze when your stories and issues are arranged on a Lighbox view.

All views are instantly exportable in CSV format to share information outside of Herogami, for spreadsheet processing and sending status reports to customers or third parties.

Grow the integrated Wiki and share uploaded documents

Empower your developers and testers by keeping information close to the action

The ability to upload pictures, diagrams and other documents or media is perfect for sharing consolidated information with all team members quickly.

Projects, though, accumulated in a myriad of notes, documents, and other clutter. Well, smile: there's an integrated Wiki in every project.

The Wiki editor works like a word processor and accepts stylized text, HTML and images. Herogami works great on your tablet too so you can write posts even when commuting.

Classify wikis with custom, categories: create one for meetings, one for specs, sprint review. Got the picture, right?

Visualize the sprint schedule in the shared calendar

Elapsed duration of all activities is clearly displayed in the monthly calendar

The shared calendar lets you highlight sprint duration and activities such as scheduling stories over one or more days as well as issues resolution windows.

Event types are clearly distinguished by color. Sprint, stories and issues can be edited directly from the calendar, without the need of leaving the view.

On the right, the collapsible sidebar allows you to filter events by color and type, highlighting your team's current activities, meetings or other significant events.

There's even an Agenda view if you prefer to view the project calendar as a list of events that can be vertically scrolled.

Link source code repositories, create issues via e-mail, leverage RESTful APIs

Let staff and stakeholders jump in, connect to third party systems and to your preferred repository

No team is an island: avoid the pain of helpdesk user or customers flooding your e-mail inbox, check the complete commit history of stories and issues and extend your master plan to conquer the world to external third-party system via standard RESTful APIs.

Connect your most preferred source code repository choosing from Git, GitHub, Subversion and more coming and link your stories and issues with normed comments in commits. Browse the entire commit history of any given story or issue complete with comments, authors, dates and files without leaving Herogami.

Capture issues from stakeholders and helpdesk staff with the native e-mail integration: let them post issues to any of your projects in Herogami by sending e-mails to an easily configured e-mail address to ease communications and traceability.

Herogami can talk to third-party systems via RESTful APIs secure access to project data. Link your timesheet platform, other bug tracking systems or simply run complex analytics queries with a few lines of code.

Get rid of complex project management software

Too complex and you waste time, too simple and you miss opportunities

Stay in control of your software processes and implementation by all-integrated project management tools that you operate in no time.

Herogami is designed for immediate simplicity and we make every effort to keep it like this. There's not even a user manual and this is by design because everything is simple and consistent.

Achieve predictable and repeatable results on your projects

Herogami helps project managers and software developers gain rapid productivity at a company or on a global scale. by improving communication, transparency and shared responsibility.

No matter the size of your team or choice of Agile tactics, Herogami enhances your potential and your ability to deliver.

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