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The Herogami free-trial grants a full thirty days
renewable subscription to the Herogami hosted service.

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Say hello to Herogami Privatecloud!

We believe our plans in the cloud will satisfy the majority of our customers, but for those companies that want to have complete control and ownership on their Herogami instance (and data) you should look no further than Herogami Privatecloud.

Your private instance of Herogami with unlimited everything and extensive support, installed at selected cloud computing vendors. The perfect fit for enterprises and large companies.

  • It is a dedicated hosted solution that does not share CPU power and data with other customers in the cloud.
  • It poses no limits on the number of concurrent users and hosted projects.
  • The storage quota starts at a hefty 100 GB and can grow up to terabytes of data.
  • All your projects and data are safely stored behind server firewall and protected with daily backups.
  • You can access live data and backups anytime via standard secure FTP.
  • We take care of the complete installation and certify the system for you on selected cloud vendors.
  • A complete maintenance program is included, with periodic upgrades to keep your system always up-to-date.
  • A training program is also available and can be conducted at your premises or through webinars.

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